Colorado Computers

Virus Removal and Computer Repair in Littleton and Highlands Ranch

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Where do I take my computer to get serviced?

A: We gave up the brick-and-mortar store a little over 10 years ago to go entirely mobile, which means we come to you!

Q: How will I be charged for your computer repair services?

A: We break up each service call into 15-minute increments at a rate of $40 per increment. There's no need to pay for a full hour of service when your issue might only take 15 minutes! Additionally, we do not add on a trip charge or driving fee for the Denver metro area or the surrounding suburbs.

Q: When I receive a message telling me I have many infected files and the message is not from my Norton (or Mcafee, or NOD, or Kaspersky or my antivirus program) but it looks like it is from Microsoft or another familiar logo....should I click on it to buy the product it is selling?

A: NO!  This is a fake antivirus virus....sometimes referred to as malware...always referred to as a pain in the ... side.   If you receive one of these fake antivirus warnings, the only thing they want out of you is your credit card information....DO NOT GIVE IT TO THEM.  Call your computer professional immediately.  The only way to get rid of these scourges of the internet is to boot to a portable edition of Windows and surgically remove them.  They are constantly running in the background and can not be reliably removed by antivirus or 'real' anti-malware programs.  Please note, in 995 out of 1000 CASES we will NOT have to wipe your computer clean to fix the problem.  Let me repeat...most of the time we DO NOT have to format your computer.  Many "big-box" store do not use the proper methods to remove these viruses and will tell you that you have to wipe your computer, potentially losing family photos and videos forever. PLEASE call us before you go through that headache.